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About Us

Leveraging a network of international specialists, drawing on decades of practical experience – and backed by the extensive resources of one of the leading labor and employment law firms in the U.S. – Fisher Worldwide helps businesses whose work crosses borders deal with all the HR issues they’ll face, wherever they operate. Whether you need help in one country or many – and no matter where they are – our consultants can assist with:

  • Recruiting, hiring, terminations and reductions in force (RIFs)

  • Performance management

  • Investigations

  • Health & Safety issues

  • HR administration, management & operations

  • Recordkeeping

  • Benefits and compensation

  • Payroll

  • Training and professional development

  • Organizational management (internal reorganizations, executive search)

  • Labor / Union Relations and collective bargaining

  • Employee relations and engagement

  • HR policies and procedures (handbooks, policy implementation, position classification)

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Pay Equity

  • Crisis management (public relations consulting)

  • Wellness initiatives

  • Vendor selection consulting

  • Location start-up

  • Global safety consulting


Whatever the need, you won’t be burdened with figuring out who’s best equipped to help in each locale. You won’t have to “project manage” or track and pay innumerable bills. We’ll handle all of that, with one invoice for everything. We’ll work with the right on-the-ground resources to get the job done properly. And, because we help many clients with their legal issues too, we get to know how everything interrelates, as well as the cultures and preferences of every location involved – a big benefit. 



Two Logan Square
12th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103




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